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Tourist attraction around udon thani

Udon Thani is located approximately 560 km from Bangkok.
1 hour by plane, 8 hours by bus and about 10 hours by train from Bangkok.

Udon Thani is a true esarn city, Very diffrent culture than what you would find in Pattaya or Phuket.


Udon Thani has many tourism attraction worth to visit.

1. Ban Phue
Phra Phutthabat (Holy Footprint) is located approximately 45 kilometres from Udon Thani.
This is where the Buddha's Holy Footprint was found along side with various Buddha images of Lanchang style that can be dated back to 1044 Buddhist Century or 900-1000 AD. Later in 1920, the Chedi that resembles Phra That Phanom was built on top of the footprint.

2. Ban Chiang
Is an archeological site in Nong Han area, about 55 kilometres from Udon Thani. Ban Chiang was added to UNESCO world heritage list 1992. Discovered in 1966, the site attracted enormous publicity due to its attractive red painted pottery.

3. Red Lotus Lake (Kumpawapi)
Huge lake located in Kumpawapi area, located about 40 kilometres from Udon Thani. It is very famous its for Red Lotus flowering during the thai "Winter season"